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Sunday, 04 March 2018 14:39


Sunday, 04 March 2018 14:32

Smart homes

Tuesday, 27 February 2018 05:47


 Impact of Uninterrupted Power Supply. Electricity is the hub of both economic and techological development. The electricity industry in the developing countries has gone through quite a lot of metamorphosis in the recent past. Electricity supply is a very sensitive issue with several political and economic sophistications in many countries which most of the time define the industry's effectiveness. Thus, it has continuously drawn great attention from both the industrialists and the political class. As a matter of fact, it has become a veritable avenue to gaining more votes during elections. This is just because if a politician can easily tackle issue of unavailability of electricity supply, then, such is considered a national hero. More important is the fact that every other sector of the economy depends on adequate supply of electricity

Tuesday, 20 February 2018 07:26

Creating Advantage by changing the rules

With my key managers now firmly on the same wave length,Getslamp profile systems International company continues to search out ways to innovate in all its key markets by looking at  them from its unique viewpoint.Me and my team are convinced that the concept -changing the rules that gets us our start, will be the secret of our success in the next 20 years 

Monday, 19 February 2018 16:24


As noted in OUR previous blog post the profile of a company is seen in the nature of the product the company offers,the nature of customers to which it make these available,the nature of the market segments in which these customers reside,and the nature of the geographic markets in which it operates.

G.P.S wishes to change the profile of renewable energy company in Nigeria ,we need to do so by the creation and commercialization of new products.During our research into the subject of product innovation.we noticed that most companies concentrate their entire product innovation effort on incremental or marginal improvements into existing products.This type of products  innovation is not strategic in nature ,since there is no attempt to change the look of the products the companies offers

Infact ,while working with companies considered to be the best at product innovation,we discovered that even these companies had difficulty in defining what a new product was,Thus our first area of investigation was to I identify the various  categories of new  products opportunities, Over time, we uncovered five categories  of new product opportunities 







There was a time,not too long ago that ,when you went to the national sales meeting,you were treated to a barrage of color slides shown through projectors made by Kodak or Bell and Howell.then along came power-point,fpr better or worse,and those ubiquitous projectors,and the slide-making equipment that went with them,were obsolete.


There was a time,not so long ago that  every desk in an office had a wang word processor,which promised a paperless office 'Then came the PC,and wang was out of business almost over night

There was a time not so long ago,that keds were the leading sneakers for kids.then along came Nike and Reebok

There was a time not so long ago a Schwinn 10 speed bicycle,or two,in garages everywhere ,Then along came Cannon-dale and Trek,with high -tech bikes that ultimately forced Schwinn into bankruptcy .

There was a time not too long ago that Telex machines were found in every office in the world. And there was a time ,not too long ago there was a singer sewing machine in every home in America and Nigeria and many other countries. 

There was a time ,not so long ago,when these companies and many more such as Addressograph, Multigraph,Friedan Borden's were power houses in their respective sandboxes,with supremacy over all their competitors.just a few years later, however,their supremacy had disintegrated together with their stock prices,and billions in shareholder value has been destroyed.what did these companies do,or not do,to descend from the ecstasy of supremacy to the footnotes of corporate history? LACK OF STRATEGIC PRODUCT INNOVTION

Since we can not predict the future, we must start from the present. And we can do so by classifying the company's  business into four categories :replacement demand, international displacement, new economic order and accelerated life circle 

Sunday, 18 February 2018 14:53

Driving by technology

Getslamp profile systems international limited ,a new Nigeria visionary  solar energy provider, in collaboration with solar city , the world’s leader in  solar energy product and carrier high-technology heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions, has come up with a solution offering affordable energy cost to homeowners. They recognized the need of consumers for home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to control climatic conditions within home. So, they took the initiative to make high-efficiency solar-powered air conditioning more affordable to consumers.

Sunday, 18 February 2018 14:40

challanges ahead

Every enterprise needs a concept of its industry,there is a logical way of doing business in accordance with the facts  and circumstance of an industry, if you figure it out,if there are different concepts among the enterprises involved,these concept are likely to empress  competitive force in their most vigorous and most decisive forms

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